The ocean is six miles deep.

Girl, Mexico 18 years old
Just cigarettes, music and alcohol.


my phone doesn’t even feel like a phone anymore it’s just a console for me 2 play kim kardashian hollywood on

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30 Day Summer Time Doctor Who Challenge- Day 15-Which regeneration of the Doctor would you most like to meet and why? 

Kind of an obvious answer here, but how could we not pick our favourite Doctor? We’d love to meet him and see him acting all stroppy and grumpy, but also silly and childish. He could also introduce us to Ian!

Just think he’d be an interesting man to observe and get to know. He’d drive you crazy but also make you laugh with his shenanigans! He’s a very curious man even though he protests, so you know you’d always be in for an adventure. He can also be very kindhearted. It would be even better if his TARDIS actually worked because we’d really love to get home one day after some travelling! Can we throw in Ian, Barbara and Susan as well, and meet the entire original team TARDIS? Better yet, we’ll invite them over for tea and cakes. 

Which regeneration would you most like to meet?

Why has it always got to be me that makes the call, huh?

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every teacher before they draw on the board:im not an artist
Ezra and CT at MTV Video Music Awards 2013

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